Her Passion Project 2020

Passion Project 2020 (1) (2)Her mom has Alzheimer’s…

Kimberly Kaye was raised on country music and has vivid memories of her mom singing and dancing while playing the country greats on the radio and record player.

Although her mom does not recognize her, when Kimberly Kaye opens up her guitar case her mom lights up! When she begins to play, it is evident music is the universal language of love that bonds her with her mother forever.

Kimberly Kaye is following her passion for the Generation Before Her.  This generation has influenced her greatly in her musical pursuits.  She wants to bring a casual visit, a song and/or a story, to those residents in the nursing homes in South Dakota who might not be able to get out and socialize. She wants to hear the stories of their lives and share moments of reminiscence.

She plans to travel the entire state of South Dakota in 2020.  With permission from facilities, compliance to HIPAA, and respect for residents, bring love, laughter, and song.

Her goal is not to perform.  Her goal is to drop by for a casual visit spending quality time in conversation and song.

Kimberly Kaye is a licensed pastor with the United Church of Christ in Belle Fourche South Dakota. She works part time as their visitation pastor.  The bulk of her time is spent on the road in song, in ministry, and speaking at women’s organizations.

If you have a loved one you wish for her to see please email her at kimberlykayemusic@outlook.com with details.

If you are a facility wishing to have her stop by email her at kimberlykayemusic@outlook.com.TetonLogoVerticalBlack-01

Special Thanks to Teton Guitars for being part of this 2020 Tour.

She wrote this song for her mom. It depicts the pain of Alzheimer’s for loved ones and families.